Pixel Art

Pixel Art

Virtual Team Building

Our Pixel Art Virtual Team Build encourages collaboration and communication in a fun creative way that breaks down barriers and reconnects team members …

  • 90 Minutes
  • 10-1000 People
  • $20 / R250 pp
  • Virtual & Remote, Anywhere in the World

Event Details

Creative collaboration is a great way to encourage teams to think outside of the box and ‘level up’. Team members must reach consensus around design choices and collaborate in order to succeed.

Through 2 fantastic Virtual Team Building activities, an emoji perceptions art exercise and a unique Pixel Art Design challenge, teams celebrate their diversity and foster their creative team spirit.

An amazing way to bring a remote work team together and get everyone not he same page and ‘seeing the bigger picture’ 

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Activity5 Minutes
Intro, Zoom 101, Etiquette15 Minutes
Fun Ice Breakers20 Minutes
Team Challenges40 Minutes
Cool Down & Wrap Up15 Minutes

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are a diverse and dedicated family of experienced team building professionals driven by a passion for providing world class wow-factor experiences.












We take care of all technical set up, including a private zoom room and assistance with setting up on the client side if required. Zoom is a very stable platform, all delegates need is a computer, Internet connection and the Zoom App.

Outcomes include: Reconnecting Teams, collaboration, creativity, increased remote working skills, increased motivation, de-stressing, strengthened communication. We customize sessions where required to focus on important client outcomes.

Each session is facilitated by 2 (yes 2) highly experienced team building facilitators with a minimum of 10 years experience. The vibe is fun and professional, activities are carefully timed and structured for maximum impact.

We cater for large or small groups. The Zoom platform caters easily for groups up to 500. This type of team building also works really well for small groups. For larger groups we use breakaway rooms and additional facilitators as we would for on-site events.

Our Virtual Team Building programs are available anywhere in the world, all you need is reliable internet and a workable understanding of English. Our facilitators are trained to be adaptable and will work around your requirements.

Fill in the booking form and we’ll send you a proposal with everything you need. International groups can pay online through a secure portal. We operate 24 hrs a day and are flexible around time zones. Let us know your requirements and we’ll make a plan!

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