Pixel Art

Pixel Art


Our Pixel Art Virtual Team Build encourages collaboration and communication in a fun creative way that breaks down barriers and reconnects team members …

⏱ 90 Minutes

🙋‍♀️ 10-1000 people

🏷 $20 / R250 pp

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Event Details 🎟

Creative collaboration is a great way to encourage teams to think outside of the box and ‘level up’. Team members must reach consensus around design choices and collaborate in order to succeed.


Through 2 fantastic Virtual Team Building activities, an emoji perceptions art exercise and a unique Pixel Art Design challenge, teams celebrate their diversity and foster their creative team spirit.


An amazing way to bring a remote work team together and get everyone not he same page and ‘seeing the bigger picture’ 

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Itinerary 📋

Intro, Zoom 101, Etiquette15 Minutes
Fun Ice Breakers20 Minutes
Team Challenges40 Minutes
Cool Down & Wrap Up15 Minutes

Gallery 📸

Service Area📍

Virtual & Remote, Anywhere in the World

OUR Virtual Facilitators🏅

Our facilitators are a diverse and dedicated family of experienced team building professionals driven by a passion for providing world class wow-factor experiences.



We take care of all technical set up, including a private zoom room and assistance with setting up on the client side if required. Zoom is a very stable platform, all delegates need is a computer, Internet connection and the Zoom App.

How does our team benefit, what are the outcomes?

Outcomes include: Reconnecting Teams, collaboration, creativity, increased remote working skills, increased motivation, de-stressing, strengthened communication. We customize sessions where required to focus on important client outcomes.

What is the vibe like, will this be silly and lame?

Each session is facilitated by 2 (yes 2) highly experienced team building facilitators with a minimum of 10 years experience. The vibe is fun and professional, activities are carefully timed and structured for maximum impact.

Pricing 🏷

$20 / R250 per person

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