Beach & Bush Team Building - bongani lodgeBongani Mountain Lodge

Bongani Mountain Lodge

How far do you have to travel to find peace and quiet and connect with the simple life? When it’s time to get back to the things that really matter – such as the tranquility of nature, the excitement of culture, and the fascination of history, take a trip to Bongani Mountain Lodge. This game […]

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Beach & Bush Team Building - olifants lodgeOlifants River Lodge

Olifants River Lodge

Escape to the beautiful Great Olifants River Gorge. Swop city sounds for bird calls. Get active or simply relax and recharge, Forget about city sounds and listen to the magnificent call of the Fish Eagle and the haunting sound of the Greyheaded Bush Shrike. You don’t have to worry about speeding cars, rather watch the

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Beach & Bush Team Building - misty mountain 5Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain is a 280 hectare South African Natural Heritage Site situated on the spectacular Long Tom Pass (31 kilometres from Lydenburg and 24 kilometres from Sabie), Panorama Route, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Perched at an altitude of 1700 metres above sea level in a malaria free area, Misty Mountain is uniquely set in mountainous countryside

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Beach & Bush Team Building - jock sabieJock Sabie

Jock Sabie

Jock Sabie Lodge is situated in the beautiful town of Sabie. The base point of the green and rich in nature infused Panorama Route. Jock Sabie Lodge offers standard accommodation as well as Self Catering accommodation. The Lodge is close to a number of exciting activity spots and urban restaurants for those who wish to

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Beach & Bush Team Building - hotel promenadeHotel Promenade

Hotel Promenade

Hotel Promenade is located in the Lowveld region’s capital city, Nelspruit. Once the original town hall. This historic hotel is one of the town’s landmarks, with its stately tower overlooking the Promenade Shopping Centre and the Town Centre. The hotel offers well-appointed and spacious accommodation with warm personal service, and genuine local hospitality. Some of

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Beach & Bush Team Building - dawsons game and trout 2Dawsons Game And Trout

Dawsons Game And Trout

Dawson’s Game and Trout Lodge, a unique African experience, is situated in Mpumalanga where the last remnant of the Great Rift Valley forms the Escarpment, separating the High- and Lowveld with their dramatically different climates, flora and fauna. Dawson’s lies at the transition of these two regions, where Highveld Blesbuck meet Lowveld Impala, with dramatic mountain backdrops

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Beach & Bush Team Building - flycatcher castle 5Flycatcher Castle

Flycatcher Castle

The Castle is perched on the edge of Graskop on the Drakensburg escarpment, centrally situated in the Lowveld area of Mpumalanga. Designed and completed by sculptor, Manie Connoway, Flycatcher Castle boasts with its own unique art gallery, breathtaking views and nearby attractions such as the Kruger National Park, God’s Window and the Three Rondawels. The

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