The Royal Marang Hotel


The Royal Marang Hotel is a 5-star blend of luxury and design; comfort and class; indoor opulence and outdoor harmony. With an aesthetic atmosphere rich in earthy tones and sumptuous spots, it is the perfect mix of contemporary style and African authenticity.

Step inside, into a place shared by smooth lines and striking surprises. Encounter warmth and welcome. Enjoy unusual shapes, soft movement and inviting texture. See complementary hues ofpure beige, stone, concrete, gold, russet, chocolate.
And in each room; in each magnificent sanctuary, sink your feet into plush carpets, run your hands over beckoning furnishings, and experience exclusivity, elegance and absolute luxury.

Dining and Bars

Featuring a designer restaurant downstairs, the main hotel strives for a gastronomic experience of discovery and delight; an encounter worthy of all senses. At the same time, teams and groups are catered for. Pre-dinner drinks or after-dinner, visit one of the hotel’s two sophisticated bars, with a custom-built wine cellar.

Meal times in the Restaurant are:

• Breakfast: 06h30 – 09h30
• Lunch: 12h00 – 14h30
• Dinner: 19h00 – 22h00

Gym, Spa and Sauna

In the high performance centre is a gym for recreational use, featuring state-of-the-art fitness equipment including cardio-vascular machines (bicycles, treadmills, etc.), resistance machines, free weights and a range of alternative equipment like BOSU balls and stability boards.

There is also a spa and sauna – together, the ultimate escape for pure self-indulgence. Guests are invited to experience body, skin and beauty treatments designed for relaxation and restoration. In addition to a standard treatment menu, customised spa packages are available.