Corporate Team Building : 5 Stages


Corporate team building consists of five different stages. There are different terms to describe the stages :

Stage 1 – Forming or Searching

Stage 2 – Storming or Defining

Stage 3 – Norming or Identifying

Stage 4 – Performing or Processing

Stage 5 – Adjourning/Transforming or Assimilating/Reforming

Whatever term is used to describe the different stages, all teams will work their way through all five during their team building sessions.

Stage 1 – The first stage is when the team members meet, and are formed into a team. They will be advised of what the team opportunities are and what the challenge will be. Team members will agree on goals and assign tasks for work and the rules and guidelines must be established. A team leader must be chosen to assist in the team-building process.

Stage 2 – In the second stage, individual ideas will be discussed. This can create open conflict between the members. Members will tend to focus on specifics rather than the issues and will compete for influence. Low trust among team members is usually very evident at this stage. The team must select their preferred leadership style and decision making. The team leader must guide the team towards positive goals, distinct roles and teach acceptable team behavior.

Stage 3 – The team develops work habits that adhere to the group rules. They have now developed mutual trust, open communication and motivation. The team leader must continue to encourage the team members.

Stage 4 – In the fourth stage participation, motivation and group decision-making should be increasing. The team should be focusing in the development of plans to meet their goals and carry out work.

Stage 5 – In this stage the team leader must recognise both the groups and individuals achievements, give feedback, whether good or bad, and mentally give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done.