Team Building For Your Group

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The importance of selecting the correct team building programme for your group cannot be overemphasized.

This is particularly true in the South African context because your choice is often complicated by various factors.Facilitators and team building planners are quick to promote the strengths of a programme but does it suit your group’s needs?Correctly assessing the needs of the group is essential when considering a particular programme.
A few important questions:

  • What are the interests of our group?
  • How adventurous are we?
  • What do we respond to?

An understanding and appreciation of the values, needs and abilities of the team are a starting point in planning a team building event.

A typical scenario: The PA to the Director is tasked with organizing a team building exercise. The PA is an adrenaline junky who spends his or her weekends skydiving. Thus he tends to the more adventurous options. For him, the ideal team building exercise involves a high level of perceived risk.

The ability of decision makers to empathize with the members of the team is an essential element in considering suitability. He/she must put aside his preferences and ensure that the needs of the group and desired outcomes are considered first.

The role of the representative of the team building company is equally important. In guiding the programme choice, he or she must ensure that the group is accurately described.

Advice when planning a team build:

  • Prior to booking a team building exercise, canvas the views and ideas of the members of the group, what have they done before, any particular interests or requirements?
  • Take into account the age, culture and relative physical ability of the group. Match this to the relative activity of the teambuilding product
  • Ensure that the specific activities are suitable to the entire group. Team building must be all-inclusive, if 60% of the group are happy to do a particular activity, that activity is unsuitable, ideal participation level is 100%
  • With the wide range of options available to South African companies wishing to do team building, it is important that companies make the correct decisions.
  • Factors such as the interests of the group and the desired outcomes are important considerations.

We have put together a shortened version of our standard team building questionnaire that will assist managers in making the right decisions when it comes to team building choices.

When answering these questions, always ensure that personal preferences are set aside and the group’s interests are placed first.

Gather your team together or send out an email teaser. Let your staff suggest new ideas or recommend concepts that have worked in the past.

This can also be an important first step owards getting the buy-in of the group for the activity. Building enthusiasm is always important.

Take The Quick Quiz: determining your requirements:

We’d rather:

A: Be outdoors doing something active
B: Be outdoors but relaxing and having fun
C: Be indoors solving puzzles and interacting

D: Areas of challenge in our organization:

A: Communication
B: Respect
C: Co-ordination
D: Interdependence
Special Interests:

A: Nature
B: History
C: Culture
D: Adventure

Speak to your Beach and Bush Sales consultant for more info regarding our wide range of teambuilding options suitable for ALL groups.