The Beach and Bush Way


The goal of company team building is to increase employee enthusiasm and productivity. Company team building sessions take employees out of the workplace, removing company politics and outside interferences, such as ringing telephones and the distraction of a pile of paperwork, enabling the teams to work in relaxed and enjoyable surroundings.

The relaxed and enjoyable surroundings will be beneficial to all employees by encouraging open communication and will get them working in a group to solve problems and plan ahead.

With many companies requiring “staff constructing” days and programs, certified organisers are key to making the day rewarding. Employees tend to loosen up and get into the spirit of things easier if their boss is not giving the orders. Beach and Bush are certified organisers with years of experience in team building.

Beach and Bush have created a series of teambuilding methods and approaches designed to develop

  • Open communication
  • Construction of relationships
  • Delegation
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Understanding of how another person works
  • Sharing responsibility
  • Creativity and innovation

Beach and Bush have certified organisers in all the major cities in South Africa.  They specialise in designing programmes that address specific challenges and ensure that the required goals are met.

Beach and Bush offer a very varied selection of team building challenges ensuring that whatever your needs, the ages or requirements of employees, are met.  Team building is not only for large corporations and companies.  School children will benefit from team challenges and the lessons they will learn while doing so.  All walks of life from young to old, corporate or private can learn valuable lessons by partaking in a team activity.

In today’s economic climate, ensuring that you get the best value for your outlay is of the utmost importance and Beach and Bush are there to make sure that this happens.

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