Team Building in Uganda on the Nile River

team building uganda
Team Building in Uganda

Palladium, a global logistics and facilitation company, asked Beach and Bush to travel to Uganda to facilitate 2 days of Team Building for them. A fantastic opportunity to experience this beautiful country and work with a  diverse team from a top multi-national company.

team building uganda

The Team from Palladium consisted of German, Canadian, Ugandan and Kenyan Nationals.

All equipment was flown in and had to be transported from Kampala to the venue in the far North Uganda called Chobe Lodge. The trip involved a stay over in Kampala followed by a 6 hour road trip North to the Murchison Falls Park on the Nile River. We really got to see the country as we travelled North and the drive was also an ideal chance to get to know the team members that we would be working with. Driving through Kampala was an experience in itself and not for the faint hearted!

The venue for the event was the stunning Chobe Lodge, right on the banks of the Nile River.

The Resort was absolutely stunning, right on the banks of the Nile River. The Lodge is situated in the Murchison Falls Park and Elephants and a wide range of other wild animals freely walk through the grounds. A definite highlight was sitting on the desk at Sunset, watching the Sun slowly drop below the horizon as the many bird species played over the river. This was an ideal space in which the team could relax and unwind before the sessions.

An art challenge perceptions exercise


the group had a great time planning and performing in their own movies

The team building sessions themselves were a combination of Motiv8 performance activation sessions, a Movie Making Challenge and customised interventions targeted at the focus areas required. The team was engaged and motivated and the results were fantastic as the teams settled into the various tasks at hand. One aspect that was particularly noticeable was the great vibe between the delegates even on the more competitive activities. Ugandans are patient and kind people.

Elephants walk freely through the Chobe Resort, here an elephant stands on the runway as staff drive past

What an experience! Hopefully we’ll be back in the near future.