Team Building At A Glance


You have probably been involved in a team building exercise at some time or another either as a client or as an employee. Maybe it was a weekend retreat, a day on the golf course getting to know each other, or just an afternoon at the office doing team building activities.

Whatever form the team building activity took what happened when your team members returned to the office. Did they take away the experience and go forward with it or did they go back to their usual everyday behaviour maybe refusing to cooperate with each other or arguing over insignificant things. The fun day may have been a nice break from business but did your work colleagues actually use any of the lessons that they learned once they were back in the workplace.

Too often a team building event is planned with no real thought or goal in mind. This tends to be a waste of time and money when the exercise does not actually help those involved.

What do you consider when planning a team event?

The most important step when planning a team-building exercise comes at the very beginning. You must start by figuring out what challenges your team faces. Only then can you choose exercises that will be effective in helping them work through these challenges.

Spend time thinking about your team’s current strengths and weaknesses. Are there conflicts between certain people that are creating divisions within the team? Do team members need to get to know one another? Is there poor communication between the group members? Do people need to learn how to work together as an effective team?

Beach and Bush Team Building will advise you how to go about running an effective, interesting team building event. Team building activities will be set up to strengthen your work group and communication with your customers.