SSISA Conference Centre

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At The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), we aim to positively impact lives through the science of sport and to make our services, interventions and expertise accessible to all South Africans.

Our vision is that our reach will have no boundaries and our impact will be globally meaningful. Over our 25 years of existence, we have changed practice, optimised performance and provided evidence to inform policy and advocate physical activity and sports participation for all South Africans.

SSISA boasts a safe and welcoming environment for anyone interested in health and wellness, rehabilitation or sports performance-based training.
We have competitive state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with a highly qualified team of Biokineticists to ensure our offerings are as fact based and innovative as possible. We have the ability to assist in whatever goal, hurdle or milestone is in front of you due to our varied areas of interest.

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