If you’re looking for luxury accommodation near Durban, paired with a rich African cultural experience, aha Shakaland Hotel & Zulu Cultural Village is your go-to destination!

aha Shakaland Hotel & Zulu Cultural Village, situated just 160km north of the city of Durban, is a living monument to traditional Zulu culture. Here, people from across the world and different walks of life come to experience the vibrant Zulu culture.

The Hotel offers traditional accommodation in KwaZulu Natal, featuring authentic African decor, complete with wooden interiors, thatched roofs and an earthy, warm ambience.

Shakaland’s restaurant offers traditional Zulu dishes for you to enjoy in the authentic setting of this Shisa Nyama establishment.

Less than 2 hours’ drive from Durban’s Metropol, aha Shakaland Hotel & Zulu Cultural Village also has a state-of-the-art conference venue that blends modernity and tradition in a unique way.

Don’t miss out on the cultural Nandi Experience, a 3-hour daytime adventure named in honour of Shaka’s mother, Nandi. Otherwise, you may take a cultural tour that includes the beer drinking ceremony, fighting formations, the ‘sangoma’, and spear-throwing.


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