There is a Science to Team Building

Team Building is a Science | Beach & Bush

Team Building is a Science | Beach & Bush

BELIEVE IT OR NOT – team building is not just something that a person thought up to make a lot of money. There is a wealth of studies and tests that testify that there is a science to team building.

Getting a group of people working in partnership does not just happen by chance. One hundred and three studies over the course of 57 years all came to the same conclusion – team building has a significant, positive effect on team performance.

Unexpected lessons about teamwork and group dynamics surfaced from these studies. Surprisingly the weakest groups who competed in these tests were business graduates. The most successful group that took part in these studies were children from the age of 4-6 years.

Business graduates as well as other adults, attempt to be in charge. Too many strong opinions lead to poor planning and a lack of experience in professional team behaviours.

The facility to communicate and work together is something that comes naturally to children. Egos and power trips are not a natural child attribute. These traits nullify successful communication and teamwork.

Andrew Carnegie – “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” This was true of the children, who were the least educated in the studies, however they were the most skilled group in teamwork.

So how do we get rid of the egos and tendency to power trips? Personality tests help team leaders to identify and understand how individuals behave. If you can ascertain people’s natural talents then you will be able to create the best team. Groups are made up of individuals and to be able to create a great team, you have to understand that both the individuals and their personalities are involved in the team.

Great teams do not just materialise, they are made. Maybe they are not made in a lab, but it cannot be ignored that there is a science to building teams.

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