Over The Weekend: Teambuilding Report

More Winners

Along with my amazing team I had the opportunity to run two awesome team builds this weekend for a few different campus colleges.

The venue – Orion Safari Lodge Rustenburg – went above and beyond helping and assisting us in any way we required. They did it all with a smile and some friendly conversation, accommodation and food was first class. So thank you to the staff at the OriOn Safari Lodge.

The first team build we did was a CSI, teams had a great laugh at how many different plots and stories one murder can create, and at how involved people can get over figuring out who the killer was. But great work done by all the students and the Royal Blue team walking away the winners.

The second team build was a Minute To Win It. This was such an awesome team build and the students got the vibe and energy and ran with it.

It is the first time in my experience that a client has drowned out our music which was on full volume on 2 speakers with their cheering for their team mates. This one we are happy to say the Purple team walked away the victors. We had so much fun interacting with these students and laughing with them.

– Ruan Roux (Team Building Facilitator)