Pirates of The East Coast Challenge

A teambuilding adventure around the Durban Point Waterfront. Themed around the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series, teams use the pirate map provided to complete the activities and emerge as the winning ‘crew’.


  • Amazing race (delegates complete a range of activities over a defined area as quickly as possible, start and finish points are the same)
  • As per the amazing race, groups travel around the area finding locations and completing tasks. At each location, there will be a manned activity (total of 7) that needs to be completed.
  • Suitable for team build or corporate leisure group
  • Designed to be fun, accessible to all groups, and interactive yet challenging
  • Safety is a priority, full safety briefing and rules in place to minimise any risk
  • Waterproof GPS units will be issued to each team to assist them with staying on track.


  • 3 hours (As the event is a race, team finish at various times)


  • Blow Dart Challenge
  • Raft Building – get your team across the canals
  • Build the 3d Pirate Ship Puzzle
  • Bury your team mate and get a pic
  • Treasure dig: locate the treasure chest using metal detectors
  • A Knotty Mess: escape from captivity
  • Marsh-mellow Cannibal Challenge: show your pirate creds by devouring as many marsh-mellows as possible.