The Transformative Power of Social Teambuilding

Beach & Bush Team Building - socialteam2 1024x483 1The Transformative Power of Social TeambuildingActivity Ideas

Beach & Bush Team Building - socialteam2 1024x483 1The Transformative Power of Social TeambuildingActivity Ideas
Masterchef Challenge

We’ve noticed over the years that these Team Challenges have a powerful impact on teams and feedback from clients is often very positive regarding the specific effect on the group dynamics of a team.

Why is this? Here are 5 reasons why Social Team Building works and why you should consider including it in your team’s activity planning.

5 reasons

  • Breaking barriers: in every organization there are ‘silos’ that’s exist. These are structural or social sub-groups within the organization that result in ‘barriers’ to interaction and effective communication. This is often a serious problem as it effects the team’s ability to work efficiently and effectively. By structuring teams in such a way that these sub groups are broken down during an activity, these silos can be broken and the teams becomes more cohesive.
  • Breaking barriers

  • Interacting on a different level: we go to work and carry out our tasks and go home … often people see their work as entirely separate from their social and home lives. Interaction with coworkers never goes beyond what is necessary or essential. As a result close bonds and ‘rapport’ are never formed between coworkers. This can result in a lack of cohesion and superficial bonds between staff. We only ever cook for friends and family – by taking part in a Masterchef cooking activity, team members are sharing something completely out of their normal working paradigm and start to see one another as more human. This can be very powerful.
  • Interacting on a different level
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  • Shake It Up! Individuals in an organization are often reluctant to break out of their personal ‘comfort zone’ by interacting with their coworkers on anything but a 100% work level. Our feedback from delegates who attend our social activities is what a pleasant surprise it was to discover that they have real and meaningful similarities with their coworkers. We’ve seen people who have worked together for 10 years suddenly realize that the person in the next cubicle is a potential friend. This can fundamentally alter how people perceive each other in the organization.
  • Shake It Up!

  • Keep it Regular: The bonds that are formed during social team events need to be consistently reinforced and strengthened. Our clients who have highly effective teams and understand the value of social cohesion organize regular social team activities. Build on the new meaningful relationships that are being created.
  • Keep it Regular:
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    We hope that you will build Social Team Activities into your activity planning going forward. The benefits speak for themselves. There is nothing better then going to work to be greeted by a group of your friends!

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