The Silo Mentality

The “Silo Mentality” is defined by the Business Directory as a mind-set that is present when different departments or sectors do not want to share information with others in the same company. This type of mentality will reduce efficiency in the overall operation, reduce morale and may eventually lead to the downfall of a productive company’s values.

Silo mentality in the workplace happens when people decide that it is not their job to coordinate their actions with their colleagues or other divisions with the company. These people have little interest in understanding their role in the successful of the company overall.

Silo mentality in business is so widespread that it is believed to be a basic problem in the human nature and viewed as just one more problem that managers must cope with. Human characteristics definitely contribute to this outlook but there are ways an organisation can eliminate this problem. Team building is one way of showing employees the consequences of silo mentality.

So what are the consequences of silo mentality? Silo mentality in companies fosters confined and disconnected decision making. Everyone is making decisions based on their own perspective and see no reason to make changes in order to solve another person or departments problem.

With Beach and Bush and team building in Cape Town, you can show your employees how silos are formed, the effect they have on the workplace, employee morale and work productivity. The team activities will show your employees how to spot and how to move past the silo mentality towards a united and productive work team.

The team activities will guide team members to:

  • Recognise the damage of silo thinking on themselves and the company
  • Teach actions that will build trust and respect between work mates
  • Identify the main issues facing the group over a specific time period
  • Improve communication
  • Develop ground rules that lead to a more organised team environment

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