The Do’s and Don’ts of Team Building

Team building in Cape Town can increase the overall performance of employee performance, encourage co-operation among team members, improve job satisfaction and help to increase the conception of corporate goals and objectives.

The events you choose should serve as smaller platform for the problems your employees face in the workplace.

The following are some Do’s and Don’ts when planning your team building event:

DO try to imitate the problems your employees meet on a daily basis, in the exercises.

The exercises you choose should serve as microcosms for the problems your employees have in the workplace. It is important to define these problems first.

DON’T create exercises that are too physically demanding for any of the team members.

Physical endurance and strength are not the important employee success factors on business team. Fitness and physical ability should not play a major role in your team building events. Look carefully at the members of your team and set the level of physical activities low enough so that each team member can participate satisfactorily and happily. Just make sure everyone can be included.

DO follow-up on lessons learned. It is essential that follow-up sessions are scheduled to measure your teams’ progress. One session team building events are not a cure-all. Instead, they should serve as the springboard for a continued push towards success.

DON’T create events that are too taxing or too mindless. Some team building exercises (although fun) can be too mindless or too taxing. Try to strike a happy balance with your exercises, keeping in mind that either of these extremes will undermine the main messages of the event.

DO think about hiring professionals to organise and administer your event. This will depend on your cost and time restraints and the difficulty of the exercises you would like implement, but outsourcing the event may be a wise choice for you. Team building consultants can help you identify what messages you would like to get through in your sessions. They will organise the event and implement the feedback session afterward.

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