The 4 C’s of Company Team Building

Four of the most important elements are:

  1. Commitment
  2. Contribution
  3. Communication
  4. Co-operation
  • Commitment
  • C

  • Contribution
  • C

  • Communication
  • C

  • Co-operation
  • from this source

    Commitment – is the basis for co-operation in teams; when individuals are able to put aside personal wants for the benefit of the team or the company, objectives are reached with the company priorities in mind. Team ground rules are set with respect for both company and individual beliefs. To boost team commitment leaders should asking each work team to develop team mission, vision, and values declaration that is in agreement with those of the company but also reflects the originality of each team.

    Contribution – an effective team is in direct proportion to the talents the team members possess. Teams also need leaders to take responsibility for getting things done, but if only a few team members do most of the work, the team runs the risk of member indifference. Team leaders need to keep the team members informed and ask for their input, this will promote the team individuals to feel more like part of the team leading to more team member contribution.

    Communication – for a team to reach its full potential, members must be able to say what they think, ask for help and share ideas. Friendly communications are more likely when team members know and respect one another. Show interest by asking about each other’s lives outside of work, respect individual differences and make all individuals feel welcome. Open communication is important to a team’s success.

    Co-operation – most activities in the workplace today depend upon the degree of interdependence within the team. Team members must trust that when a colleague agrees to take on a task, the job will be done. Team members must be made aware that, as part of a team, everything that they do will impact on someone else.

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