Teambuilding For Project Start Ups

When starting a new project or company it is important to create a team that can work together and that all participants know what their goals and positions are within that team. Team building in Gauteng should begin with these first important steps.

First of all, the work of the team needs to be clearly defined and should meet the real needs of the project or company. Creating a mission statement should be the first part of the team process.

Selecting the right team members is essential. Preferably, teams should be kept small (not more than ten people) so that members can develop a good sense of connection and dependence.

Team building events are an important part of the start-up process. These events enable the team to understand the goals, mission and structure of the project. Events for team building in Gauteng should start with the following four elements which are crucial to help teams function effectively.

  • Mission Statement – a mission statement will provide documentation on the team’s purpose. Creating the mission statement calls for team members to think about, discuss and agree on the work at hand. A team’s mission may be based on an instruction from management or a client, but good team discussion about how each member and the group as a whole perceives that mission will make the mission statement meaningful and useful to the team.
  • Goals – setting goals give the team a real target for their project. The best goals are S-M-A-R-T goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – it is important in a team environment that team members know exactly what is expected of each of them. Without these expectations the members will not develop shared liability or trust in the team.
  • Ground Rules – to be effective, teams need to be exact about the way they will work together. Teams do not need a lot of ground rules to work well together, but everyone on the team should agree to the ground rules and share responsibility for making sure that they are followed.

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