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Johannesburg, also known as EGOLI, the place of gold. This fast paced, vibrant city is the epicentre of South Africa’s commerce and industry.

Traffic, noise and the general stress generated by living in a big city can leave your employees feeling less than interested in their jobs and your business.

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How can you, as a company, rejuvenate your employees and their interest in your company? Team building is a very popular choice amongst corporations all over the world. Team building can mean different things to different people. For some, team building means fun, interactive activities. For others, team building implies a process in which people address the issues that are hindering a positive and productive work environment. The secret to choosing your team building event is to employ activities that meet the criteria of the company whilst making it fun for the employees. Let’s face it; your employees would be less than happy if you put on a team building event that had them stuck in a board room.

Scavengers hunts, abseiling, white water rafting, hiking or quad biking, all these activities are group and individual team building activities. All teaching motivation, trust and leadership, these activities will enable the employee to make informed decisions about his employees. For example, who showed the best leadership skills or which employees put their minds to solving problems. All these team building activities are fun based.

For team building Johannesburg contact Beach and Bush. This innovative company has many years’ experience in making team building both fun and educational.

Get out of the rat race and have some fun.

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