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Employee stress in the workplace can be an efficiency killer. Owners or managements benefit from creating a productive environment for their employees.

Using team building activities to reduce employee stress is the way forward to creating a unified workplace.

Workplace stress is not a new concept and although stress in the workplace may not be completely avoidable, by employing team-building activities and offering the following tips to your employees, you can greatly reduce their stress levels.

  • Set attainable goals. Setting high expectations of ourselves and of others is a good thing, but sometimes goals set are improbable and they actually reduce productivity and team morale.  This is an area where team building activities can help an organisation. With the help of a team building consultant, organisations are able to identify employees strengths and weaknesses and build strong effective teams to attain the company goals.
  • Accept stress.  Stress is a fact of life and is unavoidable.  Accept the fact that stress will be present in your life and create ways to work through the stress.
  • Focus on satisfying and enjoyable work.  There are four levels to your work day.  Rewarding work, fun and purpose, drudgery and tasks.  To remain committed to your work there needs to be more fun and less drudgery and boring tasks.  Team building activities re-energise employees, give a fun break during the day and help them to achieve company goals.

Stress is an unfortunate work aspect for many people, but with help from management and team building sessions employees can experience less stress, increase their productivity and come to work looking forward to the day ahead.

Beach and Bush have capable consultants who will advise and plan your team buildings sessions, in order to get the best out of your employees and to relieve the stress of a working day.

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