Make Your Team Players Of The Day

If your company is new to the idea of team building it is best to do some homework on team building to get an idea of what is entailed and what would be the best team building ideas to motivate your employees. Team building does not have to be a boring exercise. There are many team building ideas for a fun filled day or event.

There is very little “team” in teamwork without a lot of motivation. We live in a society that seems absorbed with individual achievements and almost unmindful of team achievements. Even in team situations like sports, we single out the All-Stars and the Player of the Day of each game. That is the situation and mind set you have to overcome in order to build your employees into a team that will add value to your company.

Do you think of your group as a team. They won’t think of themselves as a team if you don’t. Do you reward team performance or only individual achievements. Let your group know that they are a team, that you expect them to perform as a team, and that you will reward their successes as a team. That’s the first step toward team building.

Beach and Bush, a Durban based company, have had over 10 years’ experience in team building. Their motivated and experienced staff will help to put you on the right track and they have some fantastic team building ideas which you can carry with you into your work place.

Remember that team building must be an everyday activity. It is not something you can just do quarterly at some off-site function.

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