Individual Commitment To A Group Effort

“Individual commitment to a group effort: That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

— Vince Lombardi – American Football Coach

The goal as a leader is to instill in your team a sense of commitment to goals which ultimately support the success of the business. Keep in mind that the goals need to be specific and clearly defined.

If you don’t have a point on the horizon for people to see, it becomes harder for people to commit to it as a goal. Providing a vision to your team is a key factor because it adds focus and commitment.

A team can be compliant but commitment is what is needed in a project. A compliant team will show up because they have to and will only do as little as they can before running out the door dead on closing time. A committed team will treat the project with enthusiasm, they will care for it, they will think ahead on how to do things better.

So how do you create a committed team?

a) Set clear expectations from the start. Communicate your expectations for your team as early on as possible in the project. Let them know from day one what they are expected to do and achieve.
b) Set small achievable goals. Large goals may look inspiring, but they are daunting to work towards. Rather set bite-sized goals to help sustain your team’s morale as they work towards the larger goal.
c) Give correct training. Check that your team members are furnished with the correct skills. If not, make arrangements to train them up accordingly.
d) Promote a sense of teamwork. Make sure that people are praised or rewarded for collaborating, with and not competing with their team members. Make sure your team members have the right attitude towards one another.

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