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Team building is a collective phrase for several different types of tasks or activities employed to improve social relations within teams. Company team building is different from team training, which is intended to improve the efficiency within a team. Company team building builds inter-personal relationships within the teams.

Most team building exercises are designed to uncover and address inter-personal problems within the team. These activities will also, over time, improve performance in a team-based environment. The formal definition of team building includes:

  • Building effective working relationships within the teams
  • Diminishing the team members role uncertainty
  • Finding workable solutions to team problems

Team building is one of the most widely used group development activities in organisations world-wide and studies have proven team building to be the most effective ways (after money) of bringing a team together. So what is team building made up of?

a) Goal Setting
Goal setting emphasises the importance of clear ideas and individual and team goals. Team members become involved in planning how to identify methods to define success and failure and achieve goals.

b) Role clarification
Role clarification emphasises expanding team members understanding of their own and others own roles and responsibilities.

c) Problem solving
Problem solving emphasises recognising major problems within the team and working together to find solutions.

d) Interpersonal relations
Interpersonal relations emphasises increasing team work abilities such as giving and receiving support, communication and sharing.

The success of team building varies extensively from one company to another. The most successful endeavours happen when team members are interdependent, knowledgeable and experienced; and when leadership actively supports the team.

Effective team building instills an awareness of team objectives. Teams must work together to develop goals and procedures.

Role clarification and goal setting have the greatest impact because they increase motivation, reduce conflict and help to set individual purposes, goals and motivation.

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