Get Your Team Back In The Groove

“None of us is as smart as all of us.

” – Ken Blanchard”

Festivities are over, holidays are over, children are back to school and your staff is back in the workplace and it is obvious that no one seems to be in the mood for work. Are your employees battling to settle in again?

You just need motivation and you need it fast. Your team has just spent the last few weeks as individuals and you need to get them working as a team again.

Short, fun team building sessions will remind your teams how to engage and work together again.

Effective team building needs to be conducted on a regular basis if you want your team to be successful. Team building needs to be part of the corporate culture.

Try to incorporate some form of team building activities into your weekly or monthly routine. This will help everyone to address their different problems and it will give them a chance to have some fun and learn to trust one another.

One important point is to make sure that your team building activities are not overly competitive. Competition tends to make a person or a team work against another, which is not a good way to build team spirit and unity.

Many companies use sports for team building activities. Sports events can be fun and some people will enjoy it, but sports activities can do far more harm than good if they focus just on competing and they can really have a negative effect on people who are not particularly good at sports. Rather plan an event that makes people depend on the other team members to succeed and stay away from too much competition and who wins.

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