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A good business team is made up of the right people for the job, a good attitude towards teamwork, a positive attitude and a sense of humour that bonds every member of the team. But what happens when your team hits a decline – team members running low on a sense of spirit but on a sense of humour too? These low team moments are an ideal opportunity for team building in Gauteng.

What team building activities will inspire you team to get their enthusiasm and sense of humour back? Gauteng has it all!!

For a team building activity that is adventurous and challenging then the Acrobranch Adventure Park is the venue to try. Take your team through daring challenges high above the trees of the Acrobranch courses where they will challenge Mother Nature dashing from tree to tree via cargo nets, zip lines, barrels, rope bridges, balancing beams and more. The courses will test your team’s physical ability, brainpower and balancing skills and get them working towards restoring that sense of commitment and humour.

Bushman’s Rock offers plenty of fun team building activities that you can use for your business to enhance employee creativity, productivity and solidarity.
Bushman’s Rock has many team building options you can choose from including drumming, survivor challenge, quad bike gymkhana, archery and a challenge that is unique to Bushman’s Rock – team members participate in various challenges related to the Bushmen tribe – building a shelter, making a bow and arrows and testing it in a shootout, painting, making an ostrich egg, building a fire, composing a song in Bushman Language.

Ekudeni Country Estate in Muldersdrift is another popular venue for team building weekends. With a range of activities catering for all ages, ethnic groups and types of businesses, from schools to top corporations, you will find something for everyone to take part in.

These three venues are just a small part of the venues and team building activities that Gauteng has to offer to help you put your employees and your business on top of the world again.

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