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Company team building is important if you wish to get the best efforts out of your employees. Employees are encouraged to work smarter and harder in an effort to produce the required results, as perceived by the employer.

Open communication leads to better understanding, co-operation and motivation which will reflect in the quality of work being done and better productivity.  Team building also helps to build up trust between employees and their employer.

So how do you introduce team building into the work place?  There are various simple exercises, most of which should be employed as a normal day to day function.

Get over the traditional, formal way of speaking to your employees and employ a more relaxed attitude.  Encourage them to speak freely, whether you like it or not, any feedback is better than no feedback. Employees like to feel that their opinions are valued and that their employer will take on board what they say or think.

Employee surveys and feedback meetings are a great way to make your employees feel part of the company or a specific project.

Reward your employees for the success of a job or a project completed on time by organizing a day trip. Include partners and children; this will enable the employer to get to know the backgrounds and the interests of their employees.  It is also a refreshing break from the daily work related pressures and can help fellow employees and their bosses to interact and get to know each other better.

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Beach and Bush have many venues and team building activities on their books.  They have an experienced team to help you organise a great company team building day.

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