Case Study: How This Team Levelled Up Their Cohesion For Success

Over the years we’ve heard fantastic stories from our clients about how they made real changes tom the way their teams work and have seen real success through these changes.

Mark from Webtech Industries (not his real name or company) is a great example of a manager who made the changes necessary to create a stronger team. Here is his story …

The team at Webtech Industries had a problem

Despite being a group of skilled and talented individuals, they just couldn’t seem to work together effectively. Miscommunications were common, deadlines were missed, and team members often worked in silos without consulting one another. However, that all changed after a critical project where the team improved their cohesion as a group.

The project was an urgent one for a client who needed a new website developed within a tight deadline. The project required the input and expertise of every team member, which gave them a chance to work together closely. 

However, the initial team meeting revealed that the team had several differences and communication breakdowns. The team leader, Mark, realized that the project was an opportunity to improve team cohesion and that the stakes were high.

Mark decided to take a step back and restructure the team’s communication and collaboration strategies. First, he encouraged open communication and active listening during team meetings, ensuring that every member had a chance to express their opinions and ideas. Second, he implemented a buddy system, where team members worked in pairs to complete specific tasks, leading to more collaboration.

To further encourage collaboration, Mark organized regular team-building activities, like team lunches and office games. They even organized a day-long team-building event that involved outdoor activities and team challenges. These activities gave the team a chance to get to know each other outside of work, resulting in a stronger sense of camaraderie.

Finally, Mark emphasized the importance of mutual respect, leading to more constructive feedback and recognition of team members’ efforts. He also organized a recognition program to celebrate the team’s successes, leading to a sense of accomplishment and motivation among team members.

Over the course of the project, the team’s cohesion and communication improved significantly. Team members became more comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas, leading to better collaboration and problem-solving. The buddy system allowed for team members to work more closely with one another, leading to a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The team-building activities and recognition program led to improved morale and motivation, increasing job satisfaction among the team.

The team’s hard work and improved cohesion paid off, and the project was completed on time and within budget. The client was pleased with the results, and the team’s cohesion had improved so much that the members volunteered to take on another project together.

Looking back, the team realized how far they had come. They had transformed from a group of individuals into a cohesive and supportive team. Mark and the other team members had made a conscious effort to work on their communication, collaboration, and mutual respect. As a result, the team had achieved a high level of cohesion, which would serve them well in future projects.

In conclusion, cohesion and communication are essential in any team, and it’s crucial to make a conscious effort to improve them. As seen in the case of Webtech Industries, team-building activities, open communication, mutual respect, and active listening can lead to significant improvements in team cohesion. With these tools, any corporate team can learn to work together more effectively and achieve their goals.

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