3 Great Virtual Ice Breakers To Spice Up Your Online Meetings

We use Ice Breakers all the time on our on-site and virtual team building events. These can and should be applied at any meeting to ensure engagement.

At the start of sessions, you are often faced with demotivated people. Ensuring that these delegates are focussed and engaged is important and will help ensure that the outcomes of your session are met. This is particularly the case with virtual meetings.

Here are 3 of our favourite Ice Breaker Ideas that work really well to engage your virtual team.

Ice Breaker 1 – Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a great virtual icebreaker for large or small groups. This highly adaptable activity can easily be made age appropriate for adults, and even children. Team members might call out reasons for choosing one or the other. This really gets great laughs. The goal of the icebreaker is to start conversations across the group and for participants to discover things they have in common.. The way it works is as follows: delegates are asked to make a choice between 2 options ie. ‘would you rather lose a year of your life or go to prison for a year. team members then show 1 or 2 fingers. This works so well on screen because everyone can see everybody else’s choice. So each team member needs to own their choice. Hilarious if properly facilitated, don’t forget to leave time to discuss.

Ice Breaker 2 –  What’s In The Box

This Ice breaker is a classic! This is really just poker. One Player will hide 1 item in box (any box they can find around their house or the office space will do). The player then gives 3 possible items that could be in the box. The object of the game is for each team to guess which item is actually in the box. (It’s all about the Poker face) once teams have all had their guesses the person will reveal what is in the box. On one event a player gave a: a puppy, b: a mouse and c: a pen. the 2 other teams went for a mouse or a puppy. The player then produced a puppy!

Ice Breaker 3 – Where In The World

A simple but fun intro ice breaker. The facilitator uses a list of delegates and in turn asks each delegate ‘where in the world is x…’ The delegates then point to the person on their screen relative to where they appear. If person Y is above you on the screen you point up etc. This is a great way to draw people into the event in a physical way as it creates a sense of special awareness for the team members.

Virtual Ice Breakers really work, give them a try!.

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