Ushaka Challenge

Ushaka Challenge

On-site Team Building

The Ushaka Challenge team build is an on-site adventure challenge which is a cross between the “Amazing Race” and “Fear Factor” Team Build” held at uShaka Marine World, Durban. Get wet, meet a pirate, build a raft, test your artistic talents and attempt to attain the title of “uShaka Challenge Champions”.

Event Details

The Ushaka Challenge is one of Beach & Bush’s most established team builds and has been successfully run with groups as diverse as Unilever, BMW, MTN, Vodacom, Thompson Tours, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Old Mutual, Momentum Life, ABSA, Liberty Life, SAB, Tiger Brands and many other corporate and government groups.


The appeal is that the uShaka Challenge team build is low impact and the focus is on fun while, the challenges are specifically structured to encourage fundamental team building outcomes such as, improved communication, cohesion and respect for roles and norms.

WET (following 3 + choice of 5 Dry):

  • Lazy River Catch Up Race: find a clue in the river running through the park
  • Snorkel Lagoon Treasure Hunt: find a clue hidden in the lagoon
  • Chicken Run Plunge: go down a 90 degree slide holding an egg without breaking it.

Specific Outcomes:

  • Efficient Working As A Team
  • Focus
  • Goal Orientation
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Fun
  • Ice Breaking

DRY (all 8):

  • Wimpy Challenge: have to make something and eat it.
  • Activity Course: Spiders Web, tube race, team ski, magic carpet.
  • Art Challenge: Complete a cultural painting to the satisfaction of the judges.
  • Polaroid Camera Aquarium Challenge: find a clue situated in the aquarium, take a Polaroid picture as proof of finding it to get the next clue.
  • Aquarium Quiz: Find the hidden clues in the aquarium.
  • Canal Kayaking Challenge: Low impact Kayaking in the uShaka Canals, learn to paddle a kayak and complete the defined course.
  • Ultimate War-cry Challenge: Use the Vuvuzelas, Ghanaian Djembe Drums and other items to put together the ultimate team war-cry.
  • Giant Puzzles: Ocean-themed giant puzzles are a challenge for event the most focused team, complete these and you’re done!

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