Pirates of The East Coast

Pirates of The East Coast


A fun and challenging pirate-themed adventure activity. Themed around the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series, teams use the pirate map provided to complete the activities and emerge as the winning ‘crew’.

Event Details 🎟

Amazing race (delegates complete a range of activities over a defined area as quickly as possible, start and finish points are the same)

Groups travel around the area finding locations and completing tasks. 
At each location, there is a manned activity to be completed.

Suitable for team build or corporate leisure group

Designed to be fun, accessible to all groups, and interactive yet challenging

Safety is a priority, full safety briefing and rules in place to minimise any risk

Timing: 3 hours (As the event is a race, teams finish at various times)


  • Blow Dart Challenge
  • Build the 3d Pirate Ship Puzzle
  • Bury your Team Mate
  • Treasure Dig
  • Giant Catapult
  • Pirate Ice Cream Guzzle
  • Pirate

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