Newsroom Challenge

Newsroom Challenge

On-site Team Building

Teams use creative planning to solve tough challenges together and create a pathway to success.

Event Details

Delegates use co-ordination, planning and communication in order to complete this rewarding exercise. This unique and challenging activity empowers teams to visualise and plan ahead. Creativity is encouraged and each group must uncover a path to a better future through collaborative planning. 

All equipment is provided for the teams including workstations and printers. Team members must use their unique printed content to put together their Broadsheet Newspapers. Newspapers can be framed and kept as a point of reference.

Teams must create a focussed and relevant broadsheet Newspaper using content created by them. 

Challenges during the event include:

  • Brainstorm and create a meaningful and impactful headline
  • Create a humorous cartoon that expresses an important concept
  • Come up with and copy write 5 articles that deal with important business themes relevant to their own context
  • Create a business forecast with deliverables

At the end of the planning phase, each team presents their plan to the team, the team with the best plan is the winner. However it is clear that everyone wins as the best ideas can be taken from the presentations and distilled into a planning document for implementation.

Certificates to the winning team.

Specific Outcomes:

  • Efficient Working As A Team
  • Focus
  • Goal Orientation
  • Planning
  • Communication

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are a diverse and dedicated family of experienced team building professionals driven by a passion for providing world class wow-factor experiences.











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