Garden Escape Adventure

Garden Escape Adventure


An exciting outdoor adventure escape challenge around some of South Africa’s most beautiful gardens.

Event Details 🎟

Teams follow a cryptic ‘treasure map’ which they use to navigate to activity points around the gardens. At each point they will be challenged to complete exciting and challenging group dynamic activities, find a clue or perform a task.


  • Towers Of Hanoi
  • Tree Of Life Puzzle
  • Charcoal Sketch Challenge
  • Place The Statues
  • Blindfolded Maze Challenge
  • Ring The Chimes
  • Shakira Dance Off
  • Black Light Code Breaking
  • Djembe Drum Sync Challenge
  • Match The Pairs Tribal Challenge
  • and more

Reasons to experience the GARDEN ESCAPE ADVENTURE

Built specifically to promote group dynamics, break down barriers and encourage teams to work together. Why spend your time locked in a small, stuffy ‘escape room’, when you could be exploring one of South Africa’s gems.

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