Big Picture Art Challenge

Big Picture Art Challenge

On-site Team Building

This team build focusses on challenging a group creatively and aims to ascertain whether they can effectively communicate and co-ordinate in order to create a large scale picture from smaller parts. The focus here is not on competition but rather on collaboration.

Event Details

A basic acrylic painting course is presented before the start of the activity. Planning is essential and teams will need to discuss and delegate the various aspects of the activity.

Delegates must work effectively both within groups and between groups in order to successfully put together ‘The Big Picture’.

At the end of the exercise the teams have the option of having the piece of art framed and it can then be mounted in the offices of the company. This event can be held outdoors or indoors at most venues.

This is a great option for a team building group or leisure group looking for a fun, low impact activity that can be done indoors.


  • Meeting with client: ascertain desired outcome in terms of both the team building session and the art work to be created.
  • Designer (company welcome to use in-house designer) designs a graphic that represents the goals, mission and important concepts that representthe company.
  • On the day of the event teams paint the separate parts of the ‘BIG.
  • PICTURE’ using high quality art materials.
  • Teams are required to coordinate not only their own members but also manage inter-team coordination in order to ensure that colors are correct and design elements line up.
  • Once the art is completed, it is hung and an official reveal is held where all participants take ownership of the finished product.

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