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On-site Team Building

Our world-class team builds have been crafted over 20 years to energise staff to work better together, work happier and more productively.
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Value for Money

Serious value - so that you can bring your remote teams together without breaking the bank

+20 Years Exp.

Since 1999, we have provided extraordinary corporate team building experiences for numerous organisations.

Proven Methods

Our exciting, tried and tested team building options have been refined for the exciting new remote office world.

Innovative On-site Team Building Activities

Pirates of The East Coast

A fun and challenging pirate-themed adventure activity. Themed around the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series

  • Teams work together to complete fun, engaging pirate-themed challenges.
  • Teams use the pirate map provided to complete the activities and emerge as the winning ‘crew’
  • A great outdoor activity option, ideally done on the beach
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Beach/Field Olympics

Beach or Field Olympics team build combines an exciting morning or afternoon of low impact activities with a fun day on the beach or any sports field.

  • A chance to get active with your co-workers while experiencing a day out of the office with a difference.
  • Healthy competition across a fantastic range of fun activities
  • Something for everyone, a combination of traditional sport and low impact activities such as frisbee golf
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Masterchef Challenge

A great cross-cultural South African tradition. A powerful culinary team development experience as groups compete to prepare the ultimate potjie meal. A brilliant way to spice up a corporate event or breakaway or for leisure groups looking for an exciting ice-breaker.

  • A fantastic group dynamic activity that involves planning and coordination
  • Celebrate the strength of diversity and bond as each finished dish is a combination of tastes and preferences
  • A great way to save costs by combining a meal with an effective group dynamics activity
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CSI Challenge

Based on the popular TV series, the CSI Challenge will have you working together in small teams while utilising lateral thinking, common sense and the ability to reach consensus to successfully piece together clues to solve a homicide..

  • Take part as a team in a competitive murder-mystery activity
  • Exciting and unique activities challenge teams to focus on the details and coordinate their investigation
  • Teams must put aside opposing views and reach consensus to present a united case
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We are 100% mobile and can operate our team builds from any suitable venue throughout South Africa and Surrounding Countries. We have also partnered with 100’s of venues and hotels around SA and can recommend suitable venues if necessary.

Outcomes include: Reconnecting Teams, collaboration, creativity, increased motivation, de-stressing, strengthened communication. We customize sessions where required to focus on important client outcomes.

Each session is facilitated our highly experienced team building facilitators. The vibe is fun and professional, activities are carefully timed and structured for maximum impact.

We cater for large or small groups. We have run events and activities for groups in size from 8 people to 8000 people. Some activities do have limited numbers – your consultant will advise and guide you regarding this.

Our experienced planners will assist you every step of the way and provide advice or guidance with everything from venues to meals to prizes. We offer an all-inclusive planning service and can arrange your accommodation and conferencing as well if required.

Chat to our consultants and they will guide you through the process. Let us know your requirements and we’ll send you a free, no obligation quote once we understand your requirements and desired outcomes.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are a diverse and dedicated family of experienced team building professionals driven by a passion for providing world class wow-factor experiences.











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