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Lost In Africa


In the heart of Africa, the legendary explorer, Professor Jimmy Mkhize, has vanished without a trace! His daring quest for a fabled treasure, shrouded in mystery, has led him into the unforgiving wilderness, only to be swallowed by its depths.

Now, the call to action echoes through the air! Can your team rise to the challenge and aid his daughter in unraveling the enigma of his disappearance? It’s a race against time, where every twist and turn could hold the key to his whereabouts.

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure, where resilience is your greatest ally and focus your sharpest weapon. With each clue and puzzle, you’ll delve deeper into the unknown, piecing together the puzzle of his fate. But beware! In the shadows lurk sinister forces, determined to thwart your every move and claim the treasure for themselves.


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Event Details


1.5 - 2.5 hrs


4 - 400



In deepest Africa, a famous South African Explorer has gone missing while chasing an ancient mystery!

Can you and your team of adventurers follow the Professor’s trail and find him before time runs out? Cunning and team toughness will be essential if you are to unlock the many secrets, avoid the traps and save the day before he meets a sticky end.

This unique adventure challenge involves numerous twists and turns as teams must strive to assist Melody Mkhize in her quest to find her Dad.

Summon your courage, rally your comrades, and embark on a journey that will test your mettle like never before. For in this quest, the stakes are high, and the rewards are beyond imagining. Are you ready to face the darkness and emerge victorious?




  • Explore Africa Together
  • Team Focus
  • Thinking Outside The Box
  • Team Roles
  • Communication and Resilience


Discover Africa together as you explore the continent with your team


Recommended Timing

Briefing and Introduction

15 minutes

Explore Africa together as you solve the clues, unlock the codes and puzzles in order to be the first team to find the Professor.

90 minutes

Wrapping up, prize giving and debriefing

15 minutes


*minimum numbers apply

From R350 – R450 per person. Money-back Guarantee.

Pricing varies based on the size of the group, venue, catering requirements, event management requirements and other factors.

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Timing is customisable – recommended duration is 2 hours. Can be shortened if necessary

Any size group, we have run this activity for groups of 6 people and groups of 400 people.

We can arrange venue, drinks and food etc if required. Your Team Building consultant will assist with planning your event from start to finish.

This activity is 100% wheelchair friendly


Our facilitators are a diverse and dedicated family of experienced team building professionals driven by a passion for providing world class wow-factor experiences.

Beach & Bush Team Building - seanAbout

Sean, 23 years.

Team building since 1990.

Beach & Bush Team Building - tapiwaAbout

Tapiwa, 12 years.

Team building facilitator since 2011.

Beach & Bush Team Building - chadAbout

Chad, 18 years.

Team building facilitator since 2005.

Beach & Bush Team Building - gkAbout

GK, 14 years.

Team building facilitator since 2009.

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