Leading From The Front

Team Building Johannesburg

Today’s workplace is vastly different to 50 years ago, when most companies were only interested on the bottom line and not in how they got there. Employees these days do not want to be just another cog in a wheel, they want to be recognised for who they are and what they can bring to the business.

They want to be a good fit in their workplace and they require that their manager, leader or boss to be more aware of their needs. Employees are more aware of career management and finding a job that satisfies their desires.

Leaders can be so fixated on their own personal gain that they forget about their employees (the people that help give them relevancy). The fact is that leaders can become more valuable if they can increase productivity and revenue, and the only way to do this is by leading a great, motivated team.

One way to get maximum exposure from your team is by team building. At Beach & Bush we hold many years of valuable experience allowing us to offer you world class Team building in Johannesburg.

The idea of team building is to not only teach leaders to be more emotionally intelligent but also for the team to become more effective and efficient in the workplace.

Team building Johannesburg teaches participants how to care about people. Caring is a simple thing to do. Leaders need to balance the head and the heart. Employees do not want to feel like a herd of cattle – but as people who are being appreciated for their hard work and effort. Make the extra effort to say thank you and be consistent about it. Lead by example.

We live in a world where differences in people are more apparent than ever before. Today’s leaders must be more sensitive about how to manage different cultures and idiosyncrasies in people. Be smart and look for common ground within the differences between people.

Today people want to feel as if they are creating an impact, that they can make a mark for themselves and those around them. Lead your employees in ways that allow them to be both effective and substantial at work.