Knock Equality On The Head

Beach & Bush Team Building

Company team building is all about aligning vision with expectations. Team members are educated in their roles within the company and the company must make sure they have the correct resources with which to perform their roles within the company.

Team building has nothing to do with egos or titles but is a lesson in collaboration, competency and consistency. The team leader must be able to communicate to his team members what their responsibilities and roles are within the team, as well as providing a brief on performance expectations.

Teams have to have a leader. Whether you are a design team, technical team or management team, there is always a leader. Each team member will have his own place and own role to play within the team, but without a team leader to provide structure the team will eventually fail. In today’s world “equality” is a word banded around all too often. For example; can you imagine the manager of a world class football team allowing his players to determine who will play and where; creating a recipe for disaster. A great manager or team leader must have a clear understanding of his role and responsibilities, a clear and open line of communication with his team and well-established decision making protocol. The team leader will encourage ideas, listen to problems and generally lead from up-front, but the ultimate decision must be his. There is no place for “equality” in the business world today.

An effective leader must be confident in his abilities and those of his team members. He must also be able to confirm the team members of his place and his authority within the organisation. A good team leader will treat all team members with respect; he will be consistent with rewards and recognition, as well as any disciplinary action that may be called for. Team building events will help a team leader and the team members to recognise the importance of interaction and communication.

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