How To Initiate Brainstorming

Team Building

Team building is a way to get teams and other groups to find innovative approaches to their work or new solutions to problems.  Brainstorming sessions are an important part of any team building event.

What is brainstorming?  In short, brainstorming allows each person in the team to submit ideas that relate to a specific issue.

Brainstorming entails using the more creative parts of the brain, which may make some people uncomfortable when at work.  Sometimes using an icebreaker exercise first will relax the participants.

How do you initiate a brainstorming session?

  • Inform the team members of the topic or issue at hand and write down on your flip chart or white board
  • Let each team member take a turn to contribute an idea
  • Write all ideas down on the flip chart or white board
  • When there are no more ideas forthcoming, the brainstorming is complete.

Writing the subject of the brainstorming session down concentrates the team members on the issue and decreases the likelihood that people will offer ideas that are not relevant and waste everybody’s time.

Arranging for each team member to contribute their idea in turn brings order to the proceedings.  Each team member can only give one idea per turn so it gives all team members an equal opportunity to contribute.

Writing the ideas down so everybody can see them demonstrates of the power of teamwork. As the list gets longer, the members are motivated to go far beyond what was expected at the beginning of the session.

When the team members run out of ideas the session is over.

There will be no discussion of the ideas. Brainstorming is a way of finding the greatest number of ideas possible in a short amount of time.  These ideas might be essential to finding a way out of a problem or adding value to a process.

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