Ho Ho Ho Team Building

Ho Ho Ho Team Building

This year is nearly over and it is time to start thinking about the Christmas company bash.  Most of your employees will only be there because they have to attend.  The conversation will be about work as most of your employees will have very little in common with one another.  Just another dreary, stilted year-end party!  Why not try team building in Johannesburg for a different, more interesting year-end function.

A team building function will help to break the ice, get people to interact and learn about one another, create team spirit and healthy competition and best of all – ITS FUN.

There are plenty of venues for team building in Johannesburg if you wish to get out of the work environment.  The team building company, Beach and Bush, have a number of amazing locations and ideas for a year-end function.

If you wish to keep the event in-house, then here are a few fun ideas to get your party and staff going.

Try a few icebreakers first to get people relaxed and in the spirit.

  • When people are introduced get them to name 3 of the worst or best Christmas presents they have ever been given (2 will be true and 1 false). The crowd must then guess which one of the presents is false.
  • Arrange a photo booth (or someone to take photos),funny hats, feather boas, and masks, and let everyone have fun dressing up and acting up for the camera.

Once everybody is loosened up, it is time to introduce the main events.

  • Does your company give Christmas gift to a charity at the end of the year? If so, this team building activity is perfect for you.  Set up tables with gifts, boxes, scissors, wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape. Choose your teams and have them make an assembly line of wrappers. The first team to finish all their gift wrapping is the winner.
  • Give each team a Christmas tree and decorations. Members of the team must be blindfolded and must follow instructions from team mates on where to place the decorations.

No matter what holiday games you decide to play at your Christmas team building event, remember the point is to let go and have fun.

WIN an awesome full day team building experience of your choice for you and your co-workers!


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