Fulfilment vs Happiness – Happy Individuals make for Happy Teams

Over the years we have had the privilege of team building with 1000s of teams from many companies and organisations. We have had great success motivating and aligning teams and have built a successful national business around this.

A few years ago we realised that something was however lacking. While motivating and developing the group dynamic of teams had become something that we were really good at, there was an element that we were missing.

What about the individual? Teams are made up of people. How do those individuals wake up every morning and become more inspired and energised?

So we spent time reviewing and learning about what makes people tick. During this process we reviewed material from such modern day thought leaders on the topic as Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma and Simon Sinek.

It turns out that the effect of the individual on a team is far greater than one would think at first glance. The effect on a team of 1 motivated and fulfilled team member who knows their purpose can be transformative in a very positive way. The opposite is also true. When a team member becomes despondent or depressed, the team can quickly lose its way.

Happiness and Fulfilment are attainable by individuals but they have to choose this themselves. Jim Collins, Author of ‘Good to Great’ makes the point that we can’t motivate people, they need to motivate themselves.

So as a starting point we need the correct people on our ‘Bus’ and the ideal situation is to have self motivated people in out team at the started. But what if they become demotivated or our team isn’t like that, you may ask? Well then we need to teach them to become self motivated and that actually isn’t as hard as it seems.

It all starts with self realisation and a choice. A clear group discussion of where each team member stands and EQ training to enable self-assessment of behaviour and how each team member interacts is a starting point.

Once this has been achieved there needs to be a process where each team member understands the importance of regulating emotions and focussing on the correct needs in their lives to ensure a happier outlook.

With regard to Emotional Control, people tend to think that they are a victim of their circumstances and that they are unable to make decisions about how they feel. This is incorrect. A simple 5-step process can be followed covering the following:

1. Emotional Control through choosing where to focus together with using simple physical and communicative techniques

2. An understanding that problems are just challenges and by viewing them correctly we can change our outlook completely – stress and excitement are the exact same chemical reaction in our bodies.

3. Sorting out our relationships both in the office and at home is essential to fulfilment, a few simple changes and a departure from conventional behaviours and responses can sort out difficult relationships very quickly

4. Finding and chasing our Passions outside of our work and family is essential. If you are creative, you need to create to be happy. If you’re adventurous, you need adventurous pursuits in your life.

5. The Power of Small Changes: seemingly tiny shifts in focus or changes in our life may have huge effects on our levels of fulfilment.

With regard to the human needs that our team members need to focus on, there are really 2 areas that are most important. Growth and Contribution. Once we realise that personal and group growth and helping others is a path to greater fulfilment, we are on a path to building a happier team

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