De Hoek Country Hotel

De Hoek Country Hotel - hotel 2 - Beach and Bush

Nestled in a crook of the Magalies River in the lush and fertile valley of the Magaliesburg Mountains and only an hour and fifteen minutes away from Johannesburg and Pretoria, De Hoek Country Hotel is the ideal place to celebrate life.

Whether you come to stay for a romantic getaway, an executive conference, a bespoke wedding or just to unwind in a tranquil setting; you’re bound to enjoy our warm hospitality. Coupled with excellent 5 star service and superb cuisine, De Hoek proudly continues to satisfy a wide clientele from South Africa and all over the world.

The successful team, with the continued loyalty and commitment of the De Hoek staff, continue to uphold the values that make the award winning hotel, a prized gem in a highly competitive hospitality industry.

De Hoek caters for top executive conferences and meetings where creative thinking and important decisions are made…Four elegant conference and function rooms are situated in the grounds in the imposing sandstone Stonebridge House.

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