Charity is Great for Business – The Team Benefits of Doing Good

Deeply rooted in human psychology is the need to help others. Increasingly companies are recognising this and incorporating charity focussed events and activities into their strategic planning.

The EXTERNAL benefits to a company of engaging in charity events and activities are easy to quantify and are often the reason for companies taking on charity projects. The PR, marketing and networking benefits are obvious.

This article focuses on the less obvious INTERNAL benefits to your workforce, which, it turns out, are quite substantial!

Recently we’ve run a number of charity events at Beach and Bush Team Building. We’ve observed that teams who feel that they are contributing to a greater cause our helping others are more engaged, involved and energised. This has been interesting to note as, outside of the normal altruistic reasons for helping others, there appears to be an additional important positive effect on employees who take part in these activities.

Tony Robbins points to Contribution and Growth as the most important human needs that we all need to focus on to be fulfilled. Helping others is essential to being happy and fulfilled as human beings.

While it is tempting to believe that Tony came up with this idea all on his own, the truth is that this is deeply based in basic human psychology as put forward by Abraham Maslow in his Nobel prize winning ‘Hierarchy of Needs‘ at the turn of the century. Here Maslow identified contribution (as part of ‘self actualisation’) as the highest human need and essential for true fulfilment.

In addition to this, if we look at ’The Why’ of our business as as an existential question as per Simon Sinek, adding charitable contribution as part of the reason for the existence of an organisation can have an incredible effect on the way employees view the company they work for.

So why does a focus on Charity effect your staff positively? Studies have shown that much of the charity movement in recent years has been driven by emerging socially-conscious Millennials. Given that 66% of SouthA rica’s population are under the age of 35, it’s time for us business owners to sit up and take notice.

Here are a few of the take-aways from these and other studies:

Employee Morale

A 2017 Deloitte study reveals that millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are more likely to be proud, loyal and satisfied employees, as compared to those who rarely or never volunteer. The feeling amongst employees that they are contributing and helping others has the inherent benefit of increasing happiness and sense of fulfilment.

Increased Employee Brand Loyalty and Retention

The opportunity to give back improves motivation amongst employees who view their work experience as more meaningful and positive. By engaging in charitable activities and events, companies can make this an important cornerstone of their brand and increase employee’s loyalty to a more trusted and morally-centred brand.

In a 2015 Nielsen global survey, two-thirds of respondents said that they were willing to pay more for products and services from companies whom they perceive as being good for society and the environment. Brands benefit from Social Contribution.

These findings apply as much to employees as they do to consumers, the importance of internal brand loyalty can’t be overstated as stressed in this Harvard Business Review Article.

Team Building

Charitable Team Building activities offer employees a chance to interact, engage and break down barriers outside of the normal work environment. Employees who work together on charity projects are more motivated and engaged.

Collaborating towards a common outcome is one important way of drawing a team together and increasing team spirit. Adding the additional goal of collaboration towards a greater good strengthens these outcomes and reinforces the feeling of togetherness. Team Building Activities that focus on Charity Outcomes are a great way to foster employee morale.

At a recent event in Sun City, Pilanesberg, South Africa delegates took part in a bike build and wheelchair build charity activity to benefit QASA and SOS Children’s Villages. At the official handover of the items to the charities, the feeling of good will and accomplishment and the unity felt in the venue was palpable. Take the leap, book a charity event form your staff and add to your company’s ‘WHY’!

A few CHARITY activity ideas:

Charity Bike or Wheelchair Build Challenge

Community Building Challenge

Charity Quiz Night

Kids Charity Activity Morning

Charity Organisations to connect with:

SOS Children’s Village

Quad Para Association

Reach for a Dream

Habitat for Humanity

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