Virtual Team Building


Re-motivate is a powerful, interactive Motivational Session specifically aimed at giving remote team members the tools they need to stay focussed and energised.

  • Run by a top Motivational Expert
  • Delegates are encouraged to interact and give feedback
  • An essential tool for team members battling to come to terms with the new reality of remote work.
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Cyber CSI

CYBER CSI by beach and bush is a world first, unique team building activity, featuring cutting edge interactive 360 degree tour technology

  • Features an engaging story and performances by top local actors.
  • Delegates work in teams to uncover the story and solve the murder
  • Super fun and engaging, great for team collaboration, consensus and focus.
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The Big Quiz

The ultimate online Trivia Show. Each quiz is customised to the client requirements. Our energetic, experienced facilitators ensure excitement, fun and healthy competition.

  • We customise your quiz to your requirements.
  • Zoom breakaway rooms for each team
  • Laugh together and enjoy the healthy competition
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A virtual team building session designed to energize remote teams while promoting collboration and restoring the human connection

  • Teams compete in a Private Zoom Room
  • Vibe is fun and exciting but aimed at bringing teams together
  • Teams leave with a renewed sense of belonging
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Teams spend time creating a visual representation of their future. Collaboration, creativity and communication are all clear outcomes.

  • Teams collaborate in Zoom Breakaway Rooms
  • Teams present their ideas and action points to the entire team at the end
  • Finished works can be printed framed and couriered.
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Pixel Art

Creative and Collaborative Team Building Challenge. Celebrate diversity, find out more about each other and collaborate on a work of art.

  • Teams work together to create something special.
  • Emoji Diversity Challenge is fun and creative
  • Big picture Art Challenge – teams can have their art framed and delivered.
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