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​Ekudeni Country Estate - Team Building

Gauteng has it all

A good business team is made up of the right people for the job, a good attitude towards teamwork, a positive attitude and a sense of humour that bonds every…

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A mission statment is an important part of starting your team building in Johannesburg. A mission statment will provide clarity and direction for your team building in Johannesburg. It is…

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Beach and Bush offer Team Building in Cape Town

Get Your Teams Mojo Back

How do you convince your management of the benefits of a holding team building event? You know that your team would benefit from team building in Cape Town, but management…

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Cape Town Team Building

The Silo Mentality

The “Silo Mentality” is defined by the Business Directory as a mind-set that is present when different departments or sectors do not want to share information with others in the…

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