On-Site Team Building

Go-Kart Construction

This super-fun and exciting activity is designed to encourage factors such as planning, communication, respect for roles and norms, cohesion, interdependence and goal-orientation.

  • Teams design, build and race a go-kart
  • A unique brand must be created for each kart – points rewarded for design excellence
  • Individual strengths are celebrated as teams must delegate tasks according to ability
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Movie Making Challenge

Each team works together to write a script, produce, direct and act in their own movie using limited resources.

  • Teams are given a “Movie Making Kit” which contains anb assortment of materials, props and goodies
  • Professional videographers film and edit the movies so that the teams can focus on the creative process
  • A super fun but challenging creative activity.
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Charity Construction Challenge

A unique team building challenge where teams work together to construct Bikes or wheelchairs for charity.

  • Teams work together to build a bike or wheelchair as quickly as possible.
  • Bikes aere donated to a charity of the company’s choice
  • The joy of doing good together as a group is a powerful outcome in itself. The event also streamlines nicely with company CSI requirments
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Garden Escape Adventure

A unique outdoor ‘escape room’ adventure around some of South Africa’s most beautiful gardens.

  • Teams follow a cryptic ‘treasure map’ which they use to navigate to activity points around the gardens
  • At each point they will be challenged to complete exciting and challenging group dynamic activities, find a clue or perform a task.
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The Big Quiz

THE BIG QUIZ is tailored for each and every occasion with on-screen graphics, personalised with company logos and a multitude of possible rounds to choose from, including Music, Sport, TV, Arts & Literature and many more subjects.

  • Our facilitators are highly experienced and skilled at entertaining and engaging groups
  • Quiz is highly customisable
  • A great ice-breaker adn suitable for very large groups
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VR Challenge

An exciting and unique team building activity, focussed on communication and coordination and a great way to introduce delegates to the exciting world of Virtual Reality.

  • Teams work together in a virtual space to defuse a bomb and experience mind-blowing virtual worlds
  • Experience the future as you explore this new technology together
  • Great way to put the ‘wow factor’ into an event or exhibition
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Cape Waterfront Challenge

The Cape Waterfront Challenge is a great way to experience the Cape Town Waterfront and the incredible Two-Oceans Aquarium as a team activity.

  • Teams race around the awesome Cape Town Waterfront, completing fun, engaging challenges.
  • Activities are fun but also feature group dynamics outcomes
  • The first team back is the winner, real Amazing Race format.
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Maboneng Challenge

A fantastic walking team adventure race, which requires teams to pull together and plan their route as they explore the Maboneng District.

  • Race around the up and coming, trendy Maboneng District in Johannesburg’s South
  • Exciting challenges revolving around art, culture and food make this a great way to explore this cool district.
  • Teams race to complete interesting and fun challenges that ultimately lead them to the final destination.
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Ushaka Challenge

The Ushaka Challenge team build is an on-site adventure challenge which is a cross between the “Amazing Race” and “Fear Factor” Team Build” held at uShaka Marine World, Durban.

  • Exciting Amazing Race Format with unique and varied activities
  • Every activity has a group dynamics outcome to build a stronger team
  • Get wet, meet a pirate, build a raft, test your artistic talents as your team races to win.
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Food Truck Challenge

A powerful team development experience as groups compete to prepare the ultimate potjie meal. A brilliant way to spice up a corporate event or breakaway or for leisure groups looking for an exciting ice-breaker.

  • A great extension of Beach and Bush’s highly popular Masterchef Challenge
  • Each team must create and brand their own food-truck and prepare street food for the group
  • Outcomes include creativity and coordination plus planning and communication. Super fun …
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