A Brand New Outlook


We are heading up to the “silly” season and for many companies this is their busiest time of the year.  Once the holiday season is over and things quieten down – employee morale and enthusiasm tends to drop and staff become lethargic and disinterested.  So for a brand new year why not give your staff a brand new incentive.  Team building is a great way to rejuvenate employees whilst getting something out of the event yourself.  There are many places that you can utilise for your team building in Johannesburg.

Team building events and celebrations bring people together and give a new outlook on life.  We spend most of our year working together and focusing on the business, so that work becomes our only outlet for communication.

When there is an event or celebration it gives people time to relax, celebrate what has been accomplished over the past year and consider each other as fellow travelers trying to get to the same destination.

Over the past year needless disagreements and disputes might have arisen between co-workers or departments. Team building events can play an important role in reducing conflicts between co-workers or departments by allowing employees to get to know one another in a non-corporate environment.  Use team building exercises for employees to get to know one another on a personal level.  Using a neutral location (e.g. outside the office) will lessen any aggression that may be building up between employees or departments.

Owners and managers must think of team building events as a necessary part of the company’s performance and not as an intrusion to the day to day work.  Solving problems and soothing egos are a necessary part of any manager’s job.  Team building will help managers to see where problems may lie and find a way to solve them.

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