Beach and Bush For Unique, Innovative Events

Team Building in Cape Town Go Kart

Beach and Bush is a team building company able to expedite team building events at any suitable venue (provided the venue allows for team building). In addition, they are also able to offer very competitive venue hire, catering and accommodation packages at certain venues where they have previously held team building in Cape Town.

Beach and Bush offer collaborative team building activities that are adventurous and safe. One of the best features of their activities is that every team member is able to participate, no matter their fitness level or physical abilities.

Beach and Bush focuses in organising and assisting corporate team building events with activities designed to promote team spirit and participation. Beach and Bush are known for their unique and innovative events which are customised to meet each client’s individual needs and budget.

Beach and Bush pride themselves in creating activities and challenges that will push any team past their weaknesses and allows them to express themselves in ways that give free reign towards creating a team collaboration. Team building can be done in two ways, being formal and informal. If you are not sure of your team’s requirements but are aware of the problems that are holding you back, then they will pre-assess the team and suggest fun, exciting and innovative ways to achieve your objectives.

Informal team building is for groups that require an outcomes based team build where issues such as communication, trust, motivation, initiative and teamwork can be programmed into the activities to underline existing or future problem areas and work towards resolving these.

Formal team building is when a group requires a professional facilitator to work with the group, first at the workplace to conduct interviews with relevant people to identify the problems and then design a program devised to work through issues and achieve the desired outcomes.

The most evident paybacks of Beach and Bush Team Building events include:

  • Breaking down barriers in a fun way
  • Improves communication and teamwork amongst the team members
  • Identifies leadership potential in team members
  • Creates respect for different personalities and cultures
  • The developed team spirit can be taken back to the workplace for the betterment of all employees