Beach & Bush Team Building - indiana jones activities water ski 1Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Themed around the iconic adventure movie series; the Indiana Jones Challenge is our most popular Team Build. Teams learn to improve co-ordination, communication, planning and trust in a fun-packed day full of laughs and challenging accessible, yet competitive activities.

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Beach & Bush Team Building - a8030711 c2bb 4c73 8c9c 3273848fcf7eMasterchef Potjie

Masterchef Potjie

Your team competes in this cross-cultural South African tradition together. A powerful culinary team development experience as teams prepare the ultimate Masterchef meal. The beauty of this activity is that it’s both competitive and collaborative. Compete to win – then everyone shares the meal they have created together … pure team magic.  

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Beach & Bush Team Building - go kart featured imgGo-Kart Construction Race

Go-Kart Construction Race

Teams work together combining their skills and ingenuity to design and build unique branded Go-Karts. Then they put on their racing pants to take on the super-fun ‘Ultimate Company Drag Race’ where they get to put their designs to the test. The aim: to be crowned as company Go-Kart Champs!

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Beach & Bush Team Building - big picture art featured imgBig Picture Art

Big Picture Art

A collaborative art activity that is 100% about working together to achieve an awesome group outcome.  Daunting at first, teams are amazed at the quality of their creation once it is revealed to the group. Teams coordinate to create a unique company artwork from smaller parts.

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