8 Great Tips To Becoming Office Superheroes

8 Great Team Building Tips
  • Establish a Shared Vision

    Establishing a vision for all team members is vital for team building. Spend time with your team envisaging what you want to build and in what direction you want to go. Make sure all team members have the same vision.

  • Develop Shared Goals

    Make sure that your project and program schedules and outcomes are understood and supported by all your team members. All team members need to understand their roles and how their endeavours will fit into the larger picture.

  • Explain Responsibilities and Roles

    A lack of clarity on individual responsibilities and roles within the project will stop it from moving forward. Explaining these roles will help to achieve your common vision and goals. Find out where roles and responsibilities overlap between team members and other departments within the organisation.

  • Management Support

    Managers and supervisors must keep in touch with staff regarding what their needs and how team building efforts can be improved. Managers also play a vital role in ensuring that what the members have learnt from team building exercises is brought back to the office.

  • Fun Team Building Exercises

    Team building can be both fun and challenging. Consider bringing in an experienced external facilitator to show you the way to go to get maximum input from your efforts.

  • Take it out of the Office

    Team building sessions in the office can be disruptive and distracting. Telephones, emails and urgent items are often more important. Cut out distractions by holding team building sessions outside of the office.

  • Establish and Action Plan

    Introduce an action plan to make team building part of your everyday routine.

  • Most Importantly – HAVE FUN

    Team building events should be fun for all staff members and should be applicable for the whole team. Ask yourself – what would be fun for us, taking into account the culture and attitude of the company.

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